Rogue Darkness

Rogue Darkness

Welcome to Rogue Darkness! Let’s talk about how misinterpretations and misinformation surrounding witchcraft, the occult, and other beliefs have lead many to do unthinkable crimes. From cults and ritualistic killings, to exploration of the macabre and delving deep into the unknown, let’s explore the darkness of mankind one crime at a time!

Recent Episodes

February 03, 2023

Birthday Special ft. Misty Mysteries - Hauntings of Inveraray Castle

Welcome back to Rogue Darkness! In honor of my birthday week, for this episode we’ll be voyaging over to Misty Mysteries podcast as host Keely discusses some of the eerie hauntings that have been said to occur at the Inveraray Castle in Scotland…...

January 27, 2023

LXXI: The Wicked Witch of Monroe - Hanna Cranna

Welcome back to Rogue Darkness! In this episode we’ll be delving into the eerie case of the infamous “Wicked Witch of Monroe”, Hanna Cranna, whose powers were said to bring fear into the hearts of many within the small Connecticut town… Sources:...

January 20, 2023

LXX: The Mysteries of Bohemian Grove

WARNING: This episode contains content that may not be suitable for some listeners, including presumed ritualistic human sacrifices, conspiracy theories, kidnappings, child exploitation and trafficking, and sexual deviancy including prostitution and...