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First time listening

I thought the two individuals in this podcast had untreated mental conditions and not DEMONIC.

New find

I just found this show and already have fallen in love with it. Makes for great listening when I have long days in the work truck!!

Give it a listen!

Really interesting topics that you don’t often come across presented in an even more interesting fashion. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it!

First time listener

I found this podcast through a November episode of "Unexplained Encounters". I really enjoyed the guest narration so I searched for the podcast. I'm glad I did. Great show!

Great Alternative Take On True Crime

I love that Raven has such a fresh take on true crime. I’ve always been fascinated by cases that *allegedly* involve true occult, and she does an awesome job of separating fact from fiction. It really makes for some spooky cases which I really love!

Hey! Check this podcast out!

It’s good! It’s dang good. And it’s fresh! Nothing cookie cutter here. You want dark stories? Well you are gonna get them, mister! This is the sort of show a creepy clown driving around in an ice cream truck trying to lure victims would dig. So take a few minutes out of your day to have your ears blown out of your head!!! YEAH! Seriously, it is an excellent program. Well worth the listen.


We absolutely adore the Rogue Darkness Podcast!!


A must follow! If true crime is your thing, this is a very informational and interesting podcast. I look forward to every episode. ~nordicwittch


These binge-able short episodes are packed with information, very interesting stuff!! -Anything Bones Podcast

Great Show!

Creative Content and an easy listen. You can tell a lot of time and research goes into each episode! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

Spooky and cool!

This podcast is super spooky and super informative. It’s well recorded and has lots of great information about all sorts of dark stuff. We are here for it! - Twisted Listers

Awesome show!!!

A definite must listen! A lot of fun and great chemistry!

Macabre and educational

If you’re a sucker for true crime, this is a podcast for you. Deep dives into well known and not so well known cases, with the facts we all crave, and the supernatural and occult episodes pad it out nicely!

I’m here for it

Love me some supernatural true crime! The short episodes are good for when you only have a short time to listen but want to hear an interesting story. It’s a must listen! - Danielle at Bad Acts

Super interesting!

Just started listening and love the story telling. Very interesting stories and informational.

Add this to your list 👌

There are a ton of true crime podcasts out there, but if that’s your genre you gotta give this one a listen. Super well done and incredibly interesting. Some serious research and preparation go into this. Next time you need somethin spooky, give this one a listen 🤙

One of the most intriguing TC shows

True crime is a huge podcasting genre and Rogue Darkness is one of the crown jewels of this emerging topic. The story seems extensively researched and conveying in a way that I can easily digest.


A great podcast! Nicely done.

Crime🔪Magic🔮 A must!💜

There’s true crime, magic, and not to mention it’s really good! A must and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants crime with a twist 💜💜💜

The rituals make your podcast that much more enjoyable..

The rituals are absolutely wonderful! Very relaxing and a nice addition. The crimes you cover are pretty heavy so the calmness of the rituals makes for a great balance.

Perfectly Splendid

Sweet little bite sized episodes with all the spooks!!! Very well done and I can’t wait for more and more 💕💕!! Keep up the amazing work and thank you for putting this podcast out for all of us to enjoy!!

Spooky & Informative!

Loving this fellow true crime podcast! It’s very informative and well written, and definitely an easy binge. If you like true crime and paranormal this podcast does a great job exploring both genres. Each episode is filled with information that is presented in a clear and concise way. Can’t wait to binge them all! -🚂🔥Murder on the Millennial Express (MOTME POD)

Short but sweet

All the episodes are short, so you can binge a bunch at once. They are all packed with detail though so dont let the length fool you! Definitely add Rogue Darkness to your list if you're a true crime fan like me ;)

Let’s Go Rogue!

I Say Your Intro Along With You 🙈😅 Love Going Rogue & Learning About Crime Stories I Hadn’t Heard Of Before!

Spells and True crime?!??

Wow all I can say is I’m happy I found this podcast! It’s a mix of true crime with witchcraft thrown in and it’s something different than I’m used to. So good!

True crime with a twist!

This pod is my new obsession. True crime but from the perspective of occult. Great investigations and reporting!


Wish I could give this pod 6⭐️’s! Well put together, great content, and insightful. Binge away! Lots to love here. The ODDentity Podcast PodMoth Media Network