Welcome to Rogue Darkness! I’m  your host Raven, but we’re all friends here so feel free to to call me Rae. 

Rogue Darkness is a true crime podcast with elements of occultism sprinkled within it, where I  discuss how the misinterpretations and misinformation surrounding witchcraft, the occult, and other beliefs have lead many to do unthinkable crimes.

I began Rogue Darkness as a way to show the world that witchcraft and the occult are NOT bad or “evil” in and of themselves, rather, evil can be found anywhere, in all religions and among all walks of life. I want to break down the stigmas so many people have regarding the occult and shed light on the reality that there are good and bad within all of us.   

The crimes discussed in this podcast are hard to hear, but they need to be heard in order to keep the names of the innocent lives lost alive. 

Join me as I uncover the darkness of mankind, one crime at a time!